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Clean the Code, Clean Yourself

In this Ramadhan, I (and maybe you) need to clean ourselve. The code also need to be clean. Why clean code is very important? I’ll tell you about it now.

Database Seeding and Migration in Sequelize

Two important when you do something related with database, seeding and migration. Do you know what are those? How to do it using Sequelize? Let me explain to you in this post.

Git Gud

Maybe you have coded something and then there was a change. You copy the code, create new file (and use suffix such as rev), then made a change because you didn’t want to delete the original in case there’s something wrong with the latest code. If there’s a change again, you repeat it and use suffix such as rev2. What about code collaboration with your friends or team mate. How do you do all of that together? With git, everything will be easy.

Three Services Architecture

Our project has unique architecture design. We have three service and connected to another external service. This architecture is suggested by our partner because they also do it. None of the members in our team have experience building software with this architecture. So how do we build it?

Refactoring The Messy Code

Our code is very messy after sprint 3. Most of it maybe because we code near the deadline. So I decided to refactoring it. Let’s see my journey to refactoring the code and try to not break it.

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